A thought, an idea, or a notion can all ignite the fire of creativity. Ours is a world in flux, constantly changing and evolving. Our goal is to expose ourselves to emerging trends, styles and technologies that better serve our partners. Here’s what catches our curiosity.
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Total Eclipse of the Art


Now that the buzz of the recent total eclipse has passed and its eventual hangover has finally subsided (except for those few proud souls who dared look directly into the abyss, despite warning to the contrary) we here at CS get a little misty thinking back to the day when so many of us across the U.S. were united as one in a singular mission;...

Football Meets Culture: An L.A. Rams Fan Package


Here at CultureSpan Marketing, it’s pretty clear that we’re students of culture and beyond that, how the Hispanic market segment is helping to change the face of marketing and advertising as we know it. That being said, most of us are also fans of football, what we could consider the great American pastime.

Why translate, when you can Transcreate?


Would a lemon by any other name taste as sour? That’s what we asked ourselves when creating our latest visual Transcreation piece. As is our habit, we were discussing the ins and outs of navigating between two languages and why it’s so important that we don’t merely translate.

Casting Bad


I recently read that the main character of one of arguably the greatest TV dramas of all time was almost cast differently. I’m speaking, of course, about Bryan Cranston in the epic role of Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad.