Largest U.S. Hispanic Civil Rights Group Taps CultureSpan for Industry Expertise

Largest U.S. Hispanic Civil Rights Group Taps CultureSpan for Industry ExpertiseAs a bicultural and bilingual marketing firm headquartered in one of the largest border communities in the world, CultureSpan has helped innumerous clients develop dual-language campaigns over the 40+ years we’ve been in business.

Whether it’s a regional healthcare system or a national brand entering the Paso del Norte region for the first time, we’ve been able to provide English- and Spanish-language strategies to help them succeed in meeting their goals and objectives.

It’s definitely made for a nice variety of clients over the years and an exciting start to new partnerships as well. This was especially true when we started conversations with LULAC (the League of United Latin American Citizens) to help with some of their own marketing and advertising needs.

As one of the first and largest Hispanic civil rights organizations in the country, it was an honor to speak with them about our services and how they could be utilized to help advance the organization’s mission.

One of the first requests was help with Spanish-language development of a toolkit for people to learn about COVID-19 related resources, services and information. Throughout the pandemic, it’s been a top priority for many organizations to keep their audiences up to date. LULAC was no different when it came to providing their followers with related resources in their preferred language.

This meant helping to expedite the project as efficiently as possible while ensuring effective Spanish- language development, proofreading and overall recommendations for the toolkit content throughout the entire process. LULAC was appreciative of the productive turnaround and was able to have the content online for its followers in a timely manner.

LULAC World AIDS Day Social Media

Our next endeavor came as LULAC requested help in battling alarming health statistics among Latino communities across the country. While Latinos make up nearly 20% of the U.S. population, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that nearly 23% of the approximately 1.1 million people living with HIV in the United States are Latino.

This disturbing data has prompted LULAC to address the issue in recent years by building awareness during awareness dates such as National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day and World AIDS Day. These efforts have included social media ad campaigns, distribution of educational materials, virtual seminars/workshops, and event set-ups where attendees could speak with representatives and learn where they can get tested.

CultureSpan Marketing delivered more than 8.7 million impressions for LULAC campaign.These approaches have proven successful in many large markets across the country, but LULAC also needed to build awareness among Latinx audiences in hard-to-reach communities across the country. The communities varied, from LGBTQIA+, Gen Z and Millenial Latinos to those in rural farming communities who are typically difficult to connect with communication-wise.

Rapidly approaching deadlines and a limited budget required us to think creatively about proposed solutions. After initial correspondences, we suggested a multi-faceted approach that included social media, public relations/community outreach and a PSA radio campaign.

LULAC provided existing creative assets to help expedite the process while we developed a thorough news release and digital media kit that included Spanish and English social media content, a one-sheeter with talking points, radio commercials and the story of one man’s journey with HIV.

Our outreach efforts for the campaign were extensive. We reached out to major dating apps, Latinx-oriented digital publications, and social media influencers to help build awareness among Gen Z and Millenial Latinos as well as the LGBTQIA+ community. We also did extensive nationwide research into Spanish-language radio stations that could help us spread the word among Latinos residing in large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and New York to smaller communities such as Visalia, California and Grayson, Georgia.

LULAC Article with Project Pulso and Grindr Campaign

Our correspondence with media outlets garnered positive feedback as many were enthusiastic about helping to build awareness via their own communication channels. Even more so with radio stations that agreed to partner together and share the PSA radio spot with their audiences for at least two weeks following World AIDS Day. This included major markets such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, New York and throughout Puerto Rico.

When the campaign ended after one month of outreach and messaging, we garnered a delivery of more than 8.7 million impressions. Upon review of the details, LULAC was thrilled as we were able to surpass the return on investment by more than five times what was expected.

Our partnership with LULAC continues to thrive as we help build awareness of other initiatives. This includes recent endeavors to educate and inform many of the same Hispanic populations in rural communities about the organization’s COVID-19 vaccines resources. We look forward to sharing those details soon. 

In the meantime, if your company needs helps reaching Hispanic/Spanish-language audiences across the country or even in Mexico, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at to discuss the details of your project.

We’re ready to help!

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