TFCU High School Spirit Debit Card

The Project

When TFCU requested a memorable campaign for their one-of-a-kind debit card that supports local high schools, we were excited for the challenge. But, how do you mix school pride and debit cards? This was a test we were ready to ace!

The Approach

The new TFCU High School Spirit debit card allows members to customize their card with the logo of any El Paso area high school. What makes it really unique is that with every swipe, TFCU makes a cash donation to that same high school. It’s always great to be part of a project that gives back to the community, but this one also had some really great creative opportunities.

As you may already know, we’re research driven. And just like in high school, before you get to writing, first you do the reading. We really dug in and worked to find a link between the product and a way to inspire TFCU’s membership to get the all new debit card. That inspiration came in the way of high school pride, which El Paso has no shortage of! We figured if we could tap into the friendly rivalry between local schools, we could stoke the flames of competition, all to the benefit of area students.

TFCU High School Spirit Debit Cards Billboards

Our first execution was a series of teaser boards strategically placed in various school districts, calling out each one by name and asking "Ready to Show Your High School Spirit?” Word spread quickly and so did interest.

TFCU School Spirit Debit Cards Posters

To announce the full launch of the TFCU High School Spirit debit card, we produced a playful, high energy spot for TV and social media use. It featured a broad demographic of actual El Pasoans displaying how they show school pride; from a former jock rekindling a gridiron memory by squeezing into an old jersey to the robotics team dancing with their robo-pals.

TFCU School Spirit Debit Cards Posters

But the project wasn’t without its challenges. After all, the debit card could feature one of over 30 high school logos, and each school wanted equal representation. No problem for the CS whiz kids. We simply got creative with media placement and used Facebook and Instagram carousels as well as rotating digital billboards to prominently feature all card options.

TFCU School Spirit Debit Cards Facebook Campaign

At campaign launch, TFCU had made substantial progress on debit card orders, trending towards early completion of their goals. With this successful campaign we feel confident saying that school spirit pays!